Digital closeness during social distancing.
In response to the current real life challenges we find ourselves in, Something Digital has opened up a slack channel to enable our region's digital community to stay connected.

We are navigating unknown territory, but we believe that by staying connected online, our ecosystem will emerge stronger. The channel will allow us to:
  • Share info on how to manage a business, teams and clients remotely.
  • Reduce cabin fever.
  • Support each other by voicing our needs and wants
Below you will find instructions on how you can join and use the slack channel. We also invite you to share with any digital colleagues who will benefit from 'digital closeness' (yes we just made that term up).

At the core of Something Digital is a strong desire to support our region’s digital ecosystem. We grow by supporting one another, challenging our thinking and fostering thought leadership.

Whilst we cannot do it in person at the moment, we can definitely do it digitally! So join in and, who knows, you might make a new friend, pick up a good strategy on managing a remote team, or share a funny meme or two.

Whatever happens, we’re in this together!

Stay safe & wash your hands.
Lis & Nad
Joining the slack channel.
>> Joining Slack is simple, simply follow this link or hit the button below.
>> If you already have a slack account, you will be able to add Something Digital as an additional workspace and simply flip between the two.
>> Slack Channels 
To help manage the conversation, we have created default slack channels that everyone will be added into:

#allthingsremote  >>  How to sustain a business, teams and clients remotely
#digitalarticles  >>  Articles, digital happenings and digital news
#needsandwants >>  If you need help, or can offer help, pop it here and support our local ecosystem
#shitsandgiggles  >>  Memes, funnies and other ways to relieve cabin fever 
>> Using Slack 
For those new to Slack, it’s very similar to other social platforms, just more of a chat room environment.

Use the @ symbol to tag specific people, use emojis (bottom right corner of the text box) to add some emotion and use standard formatting to make things stand out 
>> Code of Conduct
  • We have created this online community to help stay connected during times of social distancing.
  • We value diversity of ideas and perspectives from everyone in the community.
  • By being a part of the community you agree to maintain a respectful environment for everyone.
  • Should we receive any complaints about an individuals behaviour, you will be removed from the channel.
  • Be good humans. It’s that easy.