The Riff Sessions. Digital in a post-pandemic world.
We love to explore what our digital futures might look like.

From living a virtual existence to the end of truth or a life without trust, Something Digital relishes the chance to jump into potentially illusory realities to question the unintended consequences and implications of the technology at hand.

Little did we know that we would be thrust into our very own, real life sci-fi episode, not started by killer robots but by two unfortunate gene mutations.

Whilst this is creating multiple challenges to life as we know it, the pandemic is also showing us the inherent benefits of living in a digitally progressive society. We’re not socially distant - we’re digitally close and making the best of it.

Our upcoming riff sessions will examine our digital future in a post pandemic world. Where do the opportunities lie? How should we bridge the now and then? How will digital as we know it, change?
How the Riff Sessions work.
>> The Riff Sessions run a series of short online events featuring two digital legends who will 'riff' with one another
>> Whilst all events will centre on 'Digital in a post-pandemic world' each session will examine a different perspective from business & tech to customers & more.
>> As with all Something Digital events, we will pose the tough questions, outline potential strategies and take the time to address your concerns.
>> Attendance is free, so register below and BYO a glass of whatever makes you happiest.
Upcoming Sessions.
>> Riff 5: A focus on the Future of Living
As we continue our exploration of digital in a post-pandemic world, Riff Five will turn the focus towards the Future of Living, exploring: how the pandemic is changing the way we design and build our cities; what our future offices will look like; the opportunities to re-think outdoor spaces + the way technology is facilitating the way we live.
Event Details
Date: Tuesday June 2nd
Time: 5.00 to 5.45pm
Where: Online. Your house.
Cost: Free
Anne Kovachevich
Australasian Foresight and Innovation Lead
Josh Callaghan
>> Riff 6: A focus on Customer Trends + 2020 Festival Launch
Our sixth Riff Session turns the focus towards the customer, looking at how COVID has changed customer behaviour, what we can expect in the months (and years) ahead, what opportunities are up for grabs and how businesses can set themselves apart from the competition.

During this Riff we will also launch the 2020 Festival, revealing what we have in store for October + viewers will have first access to our launch special.
Event Details
Date: Wednesday June 17
Time: 12.30 - 1.15pm
Where: Online. Your house.
Cost: Free
Katie James
Senior Digital Manager
Kshira Saagar
Director of Data Science and Analytics
Global Fashion Group
Past Sessions.
>> Riff 1: The Overview
Session one featured a riff between Something Digital legends Cat Matson, Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer and Marek Kowalkiewicz, Founding Director at QUT Centre for the Digital Economy.

Discussions ranged from tools to connect communities, through to inequality in this new digital world, in demand skills and what our new "normal" might look like.
>> Riff 2: The Business Perspective
Session one featured a riff between two of our original Something Digital Content Curation Committee members Cat Matson, Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer and Llew Jury, Founder + Director of Advancer and Sprint

Discussions ranged from pivoting a business to looking after your customers and tribe through to top tips to avoid during these unchartered times.
>> Riff 3: The Tech Perspective
Our third Riff Session went global, featuring Davey Gibian, Chief Business Officer Calypso AI + Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and Leanne Kemp, Founder and CEO of Everledger + Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur. 

The discussion was deep and fast with topics ranging from rapid deployment and tech debt, to supply chain challenges, country self sufficiency, long term remote teams, VR/AR evolution and more.
>> Riff 4: The Academic Perspective
A professor and a doctor walk into a Covid safe bar, sanitised their hands and sat in a suitably socially distanced manner ... ​Well not quite. But Riff 4  was once again an outstanding discussion, taking an academic view of digital in a post pandemic world.

From trust in researchers to the notion of collective responsibility, true digital resilience and tracking our waste water, the discussion had something for everyone!