Warmup #2. Dissecting digital dilemmas.
Because we can, does it mean we should?
The proliferation and advancement of digital technologies means that we often find ourselves operating in grey areas, questioning the ethical, moral and legal implications of our actions.

Ordinarily, the legal system would act as a partial framework to guide our work, however both the law and government are often years behind the technology and also reactive in their approach. Take the challenges of the shared economy for example, which are still not fully resolved. Or Australia's controversial encryption laws.

To further compound the challenge, our actions aren’t only felt by us, but impact our customers, communities and often society in general. So our obligation to ‘do the right thing’ is even greater.

If only we knew what the right thing was? Are there some old philosophical and ethical guidelines we should be applying to innovation? When conflicted between our moral compass and the reality of business, which should win? Are these challenges different to ones faced in previous generations? At the end of the day we all need to make hard choices. Right?

This provocative event will attempt to provide some guidelines on how to handle digital dilemmas in the workplace and will also dissect three specific ethical digital challenges.
How the event will work.
>> Over the course of the evening our panellists will discuss 3 digital dilemmas 
>> At the end of each discussion the audience will vote on whether we, as a society, should be robustly accepting of topic at hand
>> Below we have detailed which 3 topics were voted by the public as the most popular topics to discuss on the evening.
One: The open data economy
When is it ok for our data to get shared across organisations or departments? Is it when its is used to make our life better (think myHealth data or smart cities) or for us to get notified about potential products we might like? We seem reluctant to trust government though most of us are still on Facebook even after the endless breaches? What gives?
Two: The datafication of minors
Do children have a right to privacy? There is nothing stopping us from posting pictures of our kids online, or simply talking about them. But we don’t know the ramifications of that in the future, what the data can be used for or the negative implications. So should we?
Thee: Control vs Chaos
What happens when humans aren’t on top of the food chain any more? When racist, stupid robots take over the world in an attempt to collect all the paperclips they can? Sure, this sounds like science fiction, but who is in a position to stop them? Is that us?
Our Panel of Local Legends.
A journalist, an robotics ethicist, a founder and a chief digital officer walked into a bar ...
Moderator: Cat Matson
Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer + GM Innovation
Brisbane Marketing 

S. Kate Devitt
Social & Ethical Robotics Researcher, Defence Science & Technology group and Adjunct Fellow, Co-Innovation Group, University of Queensland

Peter Laurie
Founder. Mentor. Adviser. Investor.

Rebecca Levingston
Journalist + Morning Show Host
ABC Radio Brisbane