Warmup Events.

The Something Digital warm up events are two free events that we run in the lead up to the main event in October. 

The warmup events hold true the Something Digital ethos of celebrating Brisbane’s digital ecosystem. Each warmup will feature local legends talking about some of the most pertinent digital topics of the moment.

In 2019 the warmup events will run at the end of May and end of August.

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2018 Warmup Events
Event 1: The state of digital in Brisbane
Brisbane has a rich digital landscape, one which stimulates innovation and supports businesses at all levels of their digital journey.  At the core of this development are technologies which allow us to automate business processes; integrate machine intelligence into our customer service; view the world through holograms or virtual reality; use robots to educate and leverage open data platforms to connect people and objects. Doing business has never been easier.

However, we are also at an inflection point where our ability to leverage technology isn’t the only question. Data, privacy, ethics, responsibility are all entering our vernacular as we stumble towards the next phase of the digital revolution.

Event 2: The growing impact of AI on Business
We are quick to talk about Artificial Intelligence. How it will improve our lives. How it will redefine the way we do business. How super intelligent machines will destroy us all in an attempt to collect paper clips! But how do we define AI? What does the spectrum of intelligence contain and what is possible in business today, vs the stuff of science fiction?

In our second warm up event we explored how organisations are deploying AI strategies, whether they are centred around new projects, organisational efficiencies or for an improved customer experience. We also learned  how to drive around the biggest obstacles of implementation and the easiest starting points. 
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