About Something Digital.

Something Digital was created in 2018 to bring Queensland’s digital community together and strengthen our city’s digital innovation ecosystem.


Whilst technology is key to solving complex problems, it is the digital piece that transforms tech into human centred platforms that can be used, marketed and sold. Digital innovation is the bridge between technology and humanity.


Designed around 3 key pillars, Something Digital:

  • Strengthens capabilities in organisations big and small

  • Increases collaborations between government, industry and emerging tech (startups/scaleups)

  • Showcases the fantastic innovations that are running right here in our backyard


We achieve this by bringing together Queensland’s digital community throughout the year, culminating in the Something Digital festival.


So whether you are a founder, a CXO, a manager or a person who gets stuff done; in a startup, enterprise, small business, government department or academic body; fulfilling a tech, leadership, marketing or other role which leverages digital innovation, then we have something digital for you!

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Who we are

Something Digital is created and curated by Bright Humans in collaboration with some of Brisbane’s greatest digital minds.

At Bright Humans, we design outstanding human-centred experiences that build capabilities, inspire creativity and strengthen ecosystems.

Our superpower is our ability to build something from nothing. We create and curate knowledge-based experiences which bring people together for a little bit of magic… and a lot of inspiration!

In our digital world today, human connection is at the base of all experiences. We view projects like Something Digital as an opportunity for industry and the general public to come together to listen to mind blowing speakers, play with the newest technology and generate questions on how we are engaging and stimulating the digital economy.


Lisa Renneisen


Nadine Zrinzo