About Something Digital.
Digital is the electricity that powers our organisations and ultimately our lives. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better, bigger and faster.

Customers expect stellar experiences; our work, workplaces and workforces depend on digital innovation; operational efficiencies thrive from emerging technologies; digital thought leadership has become a valuable currency and the consequences of our digital decisions are more far reaching than we predicted. 

Staying ahead of digital innovation is critical for any successful organisation. Which is why Something Digital was created…. 

... to bring our entire digital ecosystem together, to strengthen capabilities and showcase the great innovations that are happening right here in our backyard. 

So whether you are a founder, a CXO, a manager or a person who gets stuff done; in a startup, enterprise, small business, government department or academic body; fulfilling a tech, leadership, marketing or other role which leverages digital innovation, then we have something digital for you!  

We invite you to join us at one (or many) of our events throughout the year including the Night Nomads, our Warmup Events, the Main Festival and Open Studios
Something Digital in 2020.