The Something School.

As creators of the digital economy it is our responsibility to nurture the young people who will shape tomorrow’s digital ecosystem.


Delivered in partnership with BOP Industries and aimed at inspiring and empowering high school students, the Something School was designed to show young people how they could make a difference in their communities and around the world.


With activities ranging from designing jobs of the future to exploring how digital solved some of today’s greatest challenges, the Something School promised to give students the opportunity to think big, explore out-of-the-box challenges, and connect with like-minded industry leaders.


Throughout the day, we also featured a number of keynote speakers and panelists as they talked about their careers in digital and the opportunities and challenges they encountered throughout their careers. With a diverse range of speakers from across the digital community, students had the opportunity to explore a number of different areas in the digital industry.


The Something School was open for high school students from across South East Queensland, and we couldn’t wait to see your students there. 

Presented in collaboration with BOP Industries

BOP Industries is a leading Australian education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of young innovators as they prepared for the ever-changing future of work.


Run by a passionate team of innovative educators, the BOP team worked with government, industry, and schools to deliver workshops, masterclasses, professional development, and competitions designed to help inspire and engage primary and high school students as they built their skills around entrepreneurship, innovation, and STEAM.

Program Overview

The Something School was facilitated by the teams from Something Digital and BOP Industries. The day featured talks from industry leaders combined with a range of immersive exercises. The program of the day was broken into 3 key sections:

Block 1 >>
Digital in our community


In today’s world, digital was all around us; from the apps we used to run our lives, to the entertainment we streamed from our devices, the software that managed our companies, and the tools used to keep our cities running.


To start the day, we looked at how digital was being used in communities around the world to enhance the way we lived, worked, and played before we designed a digital solution for our community.

Block 2 >>
Digital careers of the future


For our second block of the day, we heard from a panel of industry leaders as they unpacked their careers in digital and the lessons they’d learnt along the way.


From there, we dived into a future of work challenge to get students to consider what their careers might look like and how digital would impact the way they connected, collaborated, and created regardless of what pathway they pursued.

Block 3 >>
Digital innovation challenge


For our final session of the day, we heard from a leading keynote speaker as they challenged us to reimagine what digital looked like in a specific context of our world.


In this challenge, students were challenged to apply the skills they’d developed throughout the day to design an out-of-the-box solution in response to a future-focused design challenge presented to them.

2024 Event at a Glance

Date: Thursday August 29
Time: 9am to 2.30pm (Arrival + registration from 8.30am)

Location: The Edge, State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place, South Brisbane, 4101

Questions: Drop us a line on or call 07 3666 0924

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