The Something School.

As creators of the digital economy it is our responsibility to nurture the young people who will shape tomorrow's digital ecosystem.
Delivered in partnership with BOP Industries and aimed at inspiring and empowering high school students, the Something School has been designed to show young people how they can make a difference in their communities and around the world.

With activities ranging from designing jobs of the future, to exploring how digital is solving some of today’s greatest challenges, the Something School promises to give students the opportunity to think big, explore out of the box challenges and connect with like minded industry leaders.

Throughout the day we will also be featuring a number of keynote speakers and panelists as they talk about their careers in digital and the opportunities and challenges they have encountered throughout their careers. With a diverse range of speakers from across the digital community students will have the opportunity to explore a number of different areas in the digital industry.

The Something School is open for high school students from across South East Queensland and we can’t wait to see your students there.  

Presented in collaboration with BOP Industries

BOP Industries is a Brisbane based technology and education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators. By helping bring entrepreneurship, innovation and STEAM into the classroom, the BOP team are working to help inspire and empower 'Generation Z' as they prepare for the ever-changing future of work.

Through workshops, masterclasses, programs and curriculum, BOP Industries are working with teachers and students across the Asia-Pacific embrace the fourth industrial revolution and thrive in the 21st century.

2022 Event at a Glance

Date: Thursday October 27
Time: 9am to 2.30pm (Arrival + registration from 8.30am)
Location: The Grove, Level 32, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane
Price: Free! Schools may send up to 8 students and 2 teachers each.
Staying Covid Safe: The Something School, will be run in compliance with an industry approved Covid-Safe plan. This will include mandatory contact tracing and abiding by any other government restrictions in place at the time of the event. In the lead up to the event, all registered attendees will receive communication about restrictions they may need to comply with.

Questions: Drop us a line on or call 07 3666 0924 

Register your interest
  • We are currently accepting expressions of interest for The Something School 2022.
  • To add your school to the list, please sign up via the form on this page.
  • Places at the Something School will be confirmed in Term 1, 2022.
  • Names of student attendees will be required by the end of Term 3, 2022.

Expression of Interest


Structure of the day

The Something School will be facilitated by the teams from Something Digital and BOP Industries. The day will feature talks from industry leaders combined with a range of immersive exercises. The program of the day will be broken into 3 key sections:

Block 1 >>
How digital is solving some of today's greatest challenges.

 In today’s world, digital is all around us; from the apps we use to run our lives, to the entertainment we stream from our devices, the software that manages our companies and the tools used to keep our cities running.

To start the day we will be exploring exceptional uses of digital around the world to solve major and complex challenges.

Block 2 >>
The workforce of the future.

As we move through the day and develop an understanding of our digital world, we'll then shift our focus to see how we all use digital in the workforce. For our second block of the day, we will be looking at how the workforce is changing with a focus on technology, globalisation, and the exciting opportunities that this creates for our young people in the workforce. We'll be exploring how humans are using digital to get back to the more human things, as our workforce continues to evolve.  

Block 3 >>
Digital innovation to shape our future.

For our final session of the day we will be shifting our attention to the next 30 years as we look at how digital is set to change the way we live and work. In this challenge, we will be exploring how digital is influencing how we connect and collaborate, and some of the ethical challenges that come with this. This challenge is designed to get students thinking big about what role digital should play in our future and how we can ensure we make our ideal future a reality. 

Past Participants